Explore the Hidden Gems of the Lake District with Cross Border Tours

Our specialty at Cross Border Tours is creating one-of-a-kind travel experiences that get you off the beaten track. You may discover the Lake District Hidden Gems, undiscovered beauties in comfort and elegance thanks to our minibus rental service. The Lake District is much more than just the usual tourist destinations; it is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and tranquil lakes. We’ll share some of the best-kept secrets in the Lake District with you in this book, and we hope that travelling off the beaten path with Cross Border Tours will be an unforgettable experience.

Discovering Hidden Villages and Quiet Towns

Unwind in the Serene Village of Cartmel

Located in the southern region of the Lake District, Cartmel is a quaint hamlet renowned for its picturesque alleys and old priory. Our minibus rental service makes sure you travel in comfort to Cartmel, where you can peruse its charming stores, indulge in its signature sticky toffee pudding, and take in the tranquil ambience of the hamlet and enjoy more Lake District Hidden Gems.

Escape to the Tranquil Town of Hawkshead

With its charming streets and old buildings, Hawkshead is the ideal getaway from the more crowded tourist locations. Discover this little village in the centre of the Lake District, a hidden treasure where you can visit the Beatrix Potter Gallery, meander through cobblestone roads, and enjoy the neighbourhood pubs.

Exploring Secret Trails and Scenic Walks

Discover the Beauty of Duddon Valley

The stunning yet little-visited Duddon Valley is one of the Lake District Hidden Gems, best spots. This undiscovered treasure, which offers breathtaking landscapes, serene hikes, and a sense of seclusion, is easily accessible with Cross Border Tours. The valley is the ideal location for trekking and wildlife photography because of its pristine beauty.

Wander Through the Hidden Pathways of Elterwater

The little community of Elterwater, which is close to Ambleside, provides beautiful treks over undiscovered trails that are frequently missed by tourists. With the help of our minibus rental service, you can go to Elterwater and take leisurely strolls in the surrounding forests and around the lovely lake.

Experiencing Unique Attractions and Activities of Lake District Hidden Gems

Visit the Fascinating Ruskin Museum

The Ruskin Museum, a Coniston hidden treasure, honours the life and legacy of John Ruskin while also highlighting the history of Coniston Water. You may easily visit this fascinating museum and discover the rich cultural legacy of the region with the help of Cross Border Tours and enjoy Lake District Hidden Gems.

Enjoy the Quiet Beauty of Lowther Castle and Gardens

In the Lake District, Lowther Castle is a hidden gem with magnificent ruins and gorgeous gardens. You can tour the expansive grounds, learn about the history of the castle, and take in the tranquil surroundings of Lowther Castle with ease thanks to our minibus rental service.

Wildlife Watching and Nature Experiences

Spot Red Deer in Martindale

Red deer may be seen in large numbers in the remote valley of Martindale. You can visit this undiscovered treasure and take in the peaceful surroundings of the Lake District while seeing animals by booking a trip with Cross Border Tours. The serene setting of the valley gives it the perfect place to see these magnificent creatures.

Discover the Birdlife at Leighton Moss

For birdwatchers, Leighton Moss, a natural reserve overseen by the RSPB, is a hidden treasure. You may tour the Lake District Hidden Gems, many habitats and see a range of bird species, such as marsh harriers and bitterns, at this reserve by using our minibus rental service.

Historical Sites Off the Beaten Path

Explore the Ancient Castles of Piel Island

Piel Castle remains are located on Piel Island, which is reachable via ferry from Barrow-in-Furness. Together with breathtaking views of the shore, this hidden gem provides a unique historical experience. Travel to Piel Island, where you may take in the peace and quiet of the island and tour the castle, can be arranged with Cross Border Tours.

Delve into History at the Dock Museum

Barrow-in-furness’s Dock Museum is a frequently missed destination that provides unique insights into the region’s nautical history. You can tour interactive exhibits and discover the history of shipbuilding in the area at the Dock Museum with ease and enjoy Lake District Hidden Gems, thanks to our minibus rental service.

Why choose us for Lake District Hidden Gems?

At Cross Border Tours, we provide unique travel experiences in addition to transportation. Our cutting-edge minibus rental service ensures that you can easily discover the Lake District Hidden Gems by providing comfort, convenience, and flexibility. Our amiable and competent guides will show you hidden locations that most visitors overlook since they are enthusiastic about the area. For seeing the distinctive and less-explored routes of the Lake District, Cross Border Tours is the ideal option because of their attentive attention to detail, individualized service, and dedication to making your trip memorable.

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