"The New South" Business Educational Tour

XXXX 1-4, 2009




Crossborder Tour Background Info and Crossborder Group Inc. are pleased to provide this private website with information about your upcoming visit to the Southern United States.  This tour is meant to provide insights into the industrial and logistical strengths of the "New South" -- a region roughly covering parts of Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama -- and how this region is developing its economy.


We will leave this site available through the coming months, and we hope that the information provides a useful foundation for your learning experience.


General Informational Links & Downloads:


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  • 8:40am  Approximate Arrival of Group at Memphis International Airport (from LAX)

  • 9:20am  Group boards tour bus

    • Welcome & Overview of 4-day Program:  Mr. Kenn Morris [bio], President/Crossborder Group

    • Quick driving tour of Memphis

  • 10:00am  Arrival at hotel for 2-hour "Rest & Refresh" break (prior to departing to Mississippi)

    • Executives will have a chance to change clothes, freshen up, and have a bite to eat at the hotel prior to departing for business visits in Mississippi...
    • Quick lunch available at 11am in the Hotel's restaurant
  • 12:00pm  Group boards tour bus - Departure to Greenwood, Mississippi

  • 2:50-5:00pm  Visit #1:  AAA Corporation

    • Corporate Website

  • 5:30pm  Hosted Dinner

  • 7:30pm  Group boards bus for 2 hour drive to Jackson, Mississippi metro region

  • 9:30pm  Arrival to hotel for evening


  • 7:30am  Hosted breakfast at Hotel

  • 9:00am  Depart for Canton, Mississippi

  • 9:30am  Arrival for Visit #2: AAA Automotive Manufacturing Facility

  • 12:30pm  Depart Automotive facility - travel

  • 12:45am  Arrival for Visit #3: Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (Canton branch)

    • Catered lunch with CAVS staff

    • Tour of CAVS facility

  • 3:00pm  Departure from CAVS -- short driving tour of Jackson, MS

  • 4:00pm  Arrival for Visit #4: Intermodal Yard for AAA Rail Company

  • 6:00pm  Hosted dinner in Jackson, MS

  • 7:30pm  Depart for Memphis, TN

  • 10:30pm  Arrival at Hotel in Memphis, TN (check in)


  • 7:00am  Hosted breakfast at Hotel

  • 8:30am  Depart Hotel

  • 9:00am  Arrive at Visit #5: AAA Memphis logistical facility

    • Corporate website

    • Article in Memphis Business Journal

  • 11:40am  Depart Company

  • 12:00pm  Hosted lunch with Guest Speaker

  • 2:00pm  Visit #6:  AAA Corporate Headquarters Visit

  • 4:00pm  Visit #7:  University of Memphis

    • Host: University Professor

  • 6:00pm  Return to Hotel - Open Dinner & Night in Memphis

    • Tonight, no activities have been scheduled

    • Enjoy the evening...but please remember to be safe, to watch out for each other, and to stay in groups of at least three.


  • 7:30am  Hosted breakfast at Hotel

  • 9:00am  Morning Presentation by AAA Expert on Supply Chain Logistics

  • 10:30am  Check out of Hotel

  • 11:15am  Open Afternoon for Site Seeing

  • 4:30pm  Board Bus for Memphis International Airport

  • 6:32pm  Flight - Departs Memphis for LAX

  • 10:35pm Arrival at LAX















Safety requirements are of utmost concern. Please read through the following warnings and requirements.




All tour participants MUST wear closed-toe shoes during business visits. No high-heels (no sandals, no sneakers, etc.) are allowed for safety purposes; those NOT wearing appropriate shoes will not be allowed on business visits.


Business casual or "nice informal" attire is required for business visits. Jewelry and watches may have to be taken off during some business visits to meet safety regulations.



During your overnights in the United States, please remember these warnings:


  >  Stay in groups of at least three during the evening; take care of each other -- don't let your friends lose control, or get into risky situations.


  >  You will be in a new place and unusual surroundings -- please keep alert and aware of those around you.


Cameras are encouraged for the trip generally, however photos inside of business facilities may not be allowed (for proprietary concerns). Please ask our hosts when and where you may take photos.


Please also keep in mind that many professionals will be giving us their time during both the business visits and during any lectures. As such, please show them respect, and give them your attention.



US Citizens are encouraged to bring an official photo ID.  Non-US Citizens should bring any visas and appropriate documentation needed for air travel.  



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