Two Day US-Mexico Border Tour



Crossborder Tour Background Info and Crossborder Group Inc. are pleased to provide this private website with information about your upcoming visit to Baja California.  With our crossborder market research background, we have provided several links to information sources about Mexico and the Baja California-California border region , as well as the agenda for your visit and several reminders about specific items that are required during your visit....


We will leave this site available through the coming months. We hope that the information provides a useful foundation for your learning experience, and that your visit to the dynamic US-Mexico border region is both interesting and enjoyable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


General Informational Links & Downloads:

Sample Two-Day Tour Agenda: 


US-Mexico Border Region Tour of Baja California City



  • 6:00am  Location:  Pick up tour participants in Southern California

  • 6:15am  Depart University

  • 7:50am  Stop in San Ysidro to pick up Kenn Morris & tour refreshments

    • Welcome & Overview of Day:  Kenn Morris [bio], President/Crossborder Group

  • 8:15am  Cross US-Mexico border & on-bus briefing - "Border Crossings"

  • 9:00am  Visit #1:  Consumer Good Maquiladora

    • Site visit at major maquiladora, manufacturing office products for US market

  • 10:30am  Depart for next business visit

  • 11:00am   Visit #2:  Call Center

    • Call center outsourcing with state-of-the-art technology and trilingual capabilities.

  • 12:30pm  Depart for lunch

  • 12:45pm  Luncheon

    • Speaker from State Economic Development Office

  • 3:00pm   Visit #3: Industrial Aerospace Supply Manufacturer

    • Composite sealing systems division

  • 4:30pm  Depart for Presentation

  • 4:45am  Visit #4:  Presentation by Regional Industry Association

  • 6:30pm   Check-in at Hotel

    • Open evening - BUT:  Stay in Hotel complex (do not leave shopping center), stay in groups of three (minimum), suggested return by 10pm, and do not lose control...


  • 7:00-8:15am  Breakfast buffet at hotel's cafeteria

  • 8:15am  Check out/depart hotel

  • 8:45am  Visit #5:  Major Residential Development

    • Newest housing development in City, for discussion of both the range of housing in Mexico (and income levels), and the development trends

  • 10:00am  Visit #6:  Starbucks

    • Mexican franchises and Starbucks de Mexico's strategy (and free coffee!)

  • 11:30pm  Visit #7:  Gaming Company

    • Overview of one of Mexico's largest gaming corporations -- their strategy, marketing and international expansion efforts

    • Lunch will be provided at the casino

  • 1:30pm   Visit #8:  City's Cultural Center

    • City's center for art & culture, including newly-opened, state-of-the-art exhibition center.

  • 2:45pm  Depart for Border Crossing (likely 60-90 minute border wait)

  • 5:30-6:30pm  Approximate return time to University



NOTE:  All times are approximate and can be impacted by traffic on both sides of the border.














Safety and compliance with immigration requirements is of utmost concern. Please read through the following warnings and requirements.




All tour participants MUST wear closed-toe shoes during business visits -- no high-heels, no sandals, no sneakers, etc., are allowed for safety purposes; those NOT wearing appropriate shoes will not be allowed on business visits.


Business casual or "nice informal" attire is required for business visits. No jeans please. Jewelry and watches may have to be taken off during some business visits to meet safety regulations.



ALL participants must bring one of the following for immigration purposes:


US Citizens:  US Passport, OR drivers license.


NON-US Citizens:  Please bring on the trip BOTH your US VISA AND your non-US passport (must allow multiple entries/exits) -- OR your US Permanent Residency Card (as appropriate).


Immigration inspections will occur entering Mexico and on the return trip to the US -- as such, any non-US citizens MUST have appropriate documentation to re-enter the US. Neither CrossborderTours nor its affiliated companies are liable for any missing documentation that may cause US Immigration officials to disallow your return to the U.S.  Tour participants MUST be aware of their own requirements to leave and re-enter the U.S.


On returning to the US, Immigration inspectors will ask your citizenship (non-US citizens: you NEED your ORIGINAL immigration documents with multiple entry stamp for this).



NOTE: During your visit to Mexico, please remember:


You will be in a foreign country -- please respect its laws and its people.


Cameras are encouraged for the trip generally, however photos inside of business facilities may not be allowed (for proprietary concerns). Please ask our hosts when and where you may take photos.


Please also keep in mind that many professionals in Mexico will be giving us their time during both the business visits and during any lectures. As such, please show them respect, and give them your attention.



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